Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love and autism

Thanks to The Mary Sue for pointing out this NY Times article about a young couple with Asperger's.  In many ways this reminds me of when the Mrs. and I first met, with one crucial difference:  Neither of us was diagnosed with Asperger's until almost 10 years later (when our daughter was diagnosed).  When we first met, all we knew is that we had each found someone we "clicked" with, who seemed to understand and relate to us in a way that no one else did.  At any rate, we must be doing something right, as we got married after dating for less than a month, and are going to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary this fall.  (Don't try this at home.)

The NYT article is also remarkable for one of the coolest retractions ever:
An article on Monday about Jack Robison and Kirsten Lindsmith, two college students with Asperger syndrome who are navigating the perils of an intimate relationship, misidentified the character from the animated children’s TV show “My Little Pony” that Ms. Lindsmith said she visualized to cheer herself up. It is Twilight Sparkle, the nerdy intellectual, not Fluttershy, the kind animal lover.

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