Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's official - Republicans now officially beyond parody

An Oklahoma Republican has now managed to prove once and for all that it is now impossible to parody the Republicans. In order to be able to parody the Republicans, one would have to be able to take one of their positions and stretch it beyond the limits of reality for humorous effect. Yet the Republicans have consistently demonstrated that there is no extension of their positions, however illogical, that they will not embrace. For example:

Food containing fetuses targeted under new Oklahoma bill

State Senator Ralph Shortey (R - Oklahoma County), the "brains" behind this bill, admits that he doesn't know if companies are doing this. But just in case, he wants to let them know that if they decide to do this, they can't do it in Oklahoma. I'm sure he thinks he's going to make his constituents happy with this piece of legislation, but let's just see how happy they are when they're unemployed because Soylent Green cites the "hostile business climate" in Oklahoma as their reason for opening their new factory elsewhere.

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